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Whether you're building your first home or forever home, brick being as timeless as it is has the long lasting quality and beauty you are looking for.
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A fire can be warming, soothing and peaceful to the heart. With Gas fireplaces, Gas Inserts, Wood Stoves, Wood Inserts, Free Standing Stoves, Electric Fireplaces and Outside Fireplaces Idastone can help bring the warmth to you.
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Landscape Stone

We carry Flag Stones, 2″-3″ Barber Slabs, 1″-2″ Twin Bridges Standups, Supers, Stair Treads, Boulders, and River Rocks for commercial and residential landscaping. Sizes and colors vary. The images below provide examples of what we have in stock for you to choose from. Let us know what you’re interested in, and we can show you the best options.
Landscape Stone Products

Manufactured Stone

Manufactured stone is available in almost any shape, color or texture you can think of and that's why we supply the best quality manufactured stone.
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Natural Stone

Natural Stone is so unique that not one home looks the same. The options are truly endless given the organic nature of natural stone. Different colors, shapes, and sizes can all be blended together to achieve your desired look. Natural Stone, Cliffstone, Custom Blends, Fieldstone, Ledgestone, Limestone, Mountainstone, Natural Thin stone, Ridgestone, Tumblestone, Sills & Trims. Some of our stones are Natural Thin at 2″ or less, some are cut into thin veneer, and some are full stones. Also, sizes and colors may vary. Let us know which stone you are interested in, and we can discuss what cuts the stone is available in.
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Pavers come in different sizes and colors to help complement your landscape or home decor.
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Your Idaho Natural & Manufactured Stone and Brick Supplier

We supply the best masonry products in the industry. Brick, Thin Brick, Natural Stone, Natural Thin Stone Veneer, Manufactured Stone, and Landscape Products for commercial, custom homes, and luxury real estate residences.

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